GHD hair is hot


GHD (otherwise known as Good Hair Day) has become a household name, and is the world’s leading manifacturer of hair straightening irons, with its products being now being sold around the world in more than 50,000 salons. Rock Paper Scissors is proudly a GHD stockist and is your one-stop-shop for the latest GHD product range.

GHD was originally founded in Leeds, in the UK by Martin Penny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls in 2001. Since then GHD has continued to grow and expand their market share across the globe and is loved by salons, customers and designers universally.

As well as its signature GHD hair straightener, the brand also manufactures high-quality hairdryers and sell a variety of useful and versatile styling products such as a heat protector spray and smooth finishing serums.

The best GHD for Normal Hair:

If you have hair that is not too fine or too thick, super short or extremely long, than the GHD Classic styler is most probably your best choice.

If you have short hair, the traditional stylers might be a struggle to use. Instead we’d recommend that you try the ghd V Gold Mini Styler, This smaller version of the ghd V Gold Classic Styler utilises the same great technology of the larger Classic Styler but has thinner plates which allow for much more precise control and styling. The mini is the perfect tool for fringes.

Now, for long hair and thick hair and utilising the same technology as the Classic, the ghd V Gold Max Styler is your best choice as it can tackle even the thickest, wide and unruly hair with relative ease. The wider plates also make it the perfect choice for users who have longer hair, as it significantly cuts down on your styling time.

    Which GHD to Pick

    There are three (3) categories of styling irons: the IV, I & the GHD Platinum. If you are new to GHD the classic GHD IV styler is a fantastic place to start. It has remained a firm favourite amongst stylists and customers alike. Like all ghds, it heats to 185 degrees and is perfect for creating straight finish, glamorous curls or beachy waves – perfect for year round hair on the Sunshine Coast.

    GHD V Stylers are a good choice if you are looking for an upgrade on the earlier model, it as a couple of extra features including; a lighter, cooler casing , more durable cable and contoured barrels for creating curls easier.
    The GHD Platinum styler is reported to be the best styler yet to hit the market. New plate technology reduces the risk or damage to your hair