Keune really is at the cutting edge of the global hair cosmetics industry & their newest range of coloring products ‘Color Chameleon’ is another milestone in innovative coloring.


A colour shade for every taste

Customization for every commitment and bravery level; from high-end pastel to fashion-forward vivid with direct pigment shades, plus two shade shifters.


Open a box of infinite possibilities; Color Chameleon delivers something for everyone. Perhaps you are looking for a statement look – rockin’ out your style loud and proud – high intensity, no boundaries.


Pure Pigment Perfection

Or, perhaps subtly is more your style; something softer, with a thousand tones of color to choose from.


Or could you be seeking a more dark and mysterious new look by mixing in the smoky, metallic shadows to create a new smoldering style?


Whatever your look or style the new Color Chameleon range is sure to meet and exceed your color expectations. Performing with high-intensity brilliance as a pure tone; a limitless palette and completely revolutionary with shade shifter additions. These shade shifter additions Clear and Dark allow us to shift the intensity of the shades. Mixing in Clear softens the intensity of the color and creates pastel hues. Alternatively, add a little bit of Dard to deepen the color and create beautiful muted tones.


With a little bit of this or a whole lot of that, the possibilities are endless.



  • 9 pure direct pigment shades
  • Plus 2 shade shifter additions (Clear & Dark)
  • Completely intermixable
  • Fades true-to-tone
  • Conditioning cream base
  • Lasts up to 20 washes*
  • No developer needed
  • PH neutral & Ammonia free
  • Vegan friendly
  • With Pro Vitamin B5 & Solamer