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Product Profile: Keune Care


Keune’s Care range has been designed to work overtime to optimize the health of your scalp and hair. The Care product range can tackle a wide range of hair and scalp issues, such as; dandruff to scalp irritations, damaged and dull hair, hair loss, and frizz. You can easily mix and match Care products depending on your personal needs.


Keune’s Care Line Boosts your Hair and Optimises Scalp Health.


A little bit about Care:


Using long-established scientific practices and principles that have a proven track record of boosting scalp and hair health, Keune’s Care product range utilizes a unique essential mineral complex, which is made up of five different minerals; zinc, copper, silicium, iron, and magnesium. These minerals work together to not only nourish your hair but to treat both scalp and hair in order to achieve and maintain optimal hair and scalp health.



How to get the best out of Keune’s Care Range:


  1. Consult – with either Tracy, Donna, Katrina or Tamara who will identify the most optimal Care products to maximise your scalp and hair health.


  1. Cleanse – Choose a shampoo based on your primary hair or scalp concerns.


  1. Condition – Select your conditioner or mask based on your primary or secondary hair concerns.


  1. Complete – the regime with your chosen process that best addresses your concerns and desired look.



Keune have known for years that a healthy scalp is essential to healthy locks


Care Benefits:


Designed to tackle a wide variety of hair and scalp concerns, suitable for the whole family. Care products provide anti-inflammatory effects due to the Essential minerals that help you to maintain a healthy scalp.

Keune only uses tried and tested formulas and ingredients with a proven track record of safety and efficiency.

Care offers long-lasting results. The products work better together, so mix and match them for optimal results.



Care Products:

There is a broad range of Care products to suit everyone, including;

  • Curl Control
  • Absolute Volume
  • Colour Brillianz
  • Derma Activate
  • Sensitive
  • Keratine Smooth
  • Miracle Elixir
  • Satin Oil
  • Sun Shield
  • Silver Savior
  • Tinta Color
  • Vital Nutrition

Keune’s Care range is the perfect choice for anyone who cares about the health of their hair.  Be sure to check in over the next couple of weeks as we look at the Care range of products in more detail.

Anyone who loves their hair loves Care.




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Product Profile: Keune Freedom Blonde

Introducing Freedom Blonde, a new clay-based lightening system gives us more freedom to create amazing blonde colour for our clients. Freedom Blonde has a rich consistency that ensures that your hair won’t dry out as well as containing Freedom Fuse Technology that ensures that you get the ultimate lift. Whether you are looking for natural low maintenance blonde up to dimensional brown colour Freedom Blonde is a perfect choice and can be applied without using foils, due to its rich, flexible and thick formula.



The ABC’s of Freedom Blonde:

A: Contains a clay-based lightener – this is a compact and thick formula that allows for creative freehand sketching by your stylist

B: Easy to apply without the use of foils – this allows us to create a more natural colour with increased subtle gradient effects

C: Lightens up to 7 levels – we can create beautiful blonde hair in a unique variety of shades and tones.



Why not ask us about:

Ultimate Glaze – this is a completely new category with trending pastel shades in silver, grey, silver lilac, and new peach. After lightening and neutralising, simply pick a glaze to add subtle tones to create a simply beautiful finish to your new Freedom Blonde colour.


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Keune Product Profile: Live Your Divinity

Live Your Divinity is a new limited edition colour collection from Keune. It’s available in Tinta Colour and Semi Colour, these new shades are designed to enhance the natural beauty of all hair colours and textures. With a range of shades from neutral to fiery, Keune’s new Live Your Divinity range offers four beautiful shades, each offering unique results on different hair types, textures, and natural colour levels.


The new range includes:



Tinta Color & Semi Color 6.43, Dark Copper Golden Blonde

Redheads have been on the rise this year and we can’t help but fall in love with this radiant bronze shade.















Tinta Color & Semi Color 8.81, Light Barista Blonde

A sparkly baby blonde finish, this shade is sure to turn heads. Use it as a high lift tint for highlights or as an all-over wash of magnificent color with gorgeous gold undertones.













Tinta Color 7.18, Medium Metallic Blonde

Achieve the most neutral blonde shades with a metallic finish. Whether your client is looking for a root touch up or a few low lights, start here for a magnificent finish.













Semi Color 8.52, Light Mahogany Pearl Blonde

Hair appears as if it’s glowing from within with this spicy honey shade. A welcomed change from Rose shades of seasons past, this formula adds depth and character.












Limited Edition Colour Collection

Keune has advised that as a limited edition range, this new Live Your Divinity Collection will be available until 2021. At the end of this time, the most popular shades will be included as a permanent part of the existing Keune Tinta and Semi Colour Range.

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Product Profile: Keune Hair Straighteners

If you are looking for a new hair straightener than look no further than the Keune Style Shape Nano Ceramic Iron. Significantly lighter than the old GHD’s we used to sell it features variable temperature which will glide through your hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy.

It features:

  • Nano Ceramic Floating 1″ Plate: snag free and neutralises hair static
  • Nano Ceramic Technology: protects hair integrity, ensures minimal hair damage & moisture loss
  • Analogue Temperature Control: up to 230 degrees Celsius in 30 seconds
  • Quick Heat Recover: reactivates heat back to set temperature in less the 2 seconds
  • Bevelled Plate Design: glides without lines or kinks
  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord: tangle free, 3 meter length
  • Automatic Dual Voltage: suitable for any country’s electrical mains using an adapter
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Color Chameleon is Here

Keune really is at the cutting edge of the global hair cosmetics industry & their newest range of coloring products ‘Color Chameleon’ is another milestone in innovative coloring.


A colour shade for every taste

Customization for every commitment and bravery level; from high-end pastel to fashion-forward vivid with direct pigment shades, plus two shade shifters.


Open a box of infinite possibilities; Color Chameleon delivers something for everyone. Perhaps you are looking for a statement look – rockin’ out your style loud and proud – high intensity, no boundaries.


Pure Pigment Perfection

Or, perhaps subtly is more your style; something softer, with a thousand tones of color to choose from.


Or could you be seeking a more dark and mysterious new look by mixing in the smoky, metallic shadows to create a new smoldering style?


Whatever your look or style the new Color Chameleon range is sure to meet and exceed your color expectations. Performing with high-intensity brilliance as a pure tone; a limitless palette and completely revolutionary with shade shifter additions. These shade shifter additions Clear and Dark allow us to shift the intensity of the shades. Mixing in Clear softens the intensity of the color and creates pastel hues. Alternatively, add a little bit of Dard to deepen the color and create beautiful muted tones.


With a little bit of this or a whole lot of that, the possibilities are endless.



  • 9 pure direct pigment shades
  • Plus 2 shade shifter additions (Clear & Dark)
  • Completely intermixable
  • Fades true-to-tone
  • Conditioning cream base
  • Lasts up to 20 washes*
  • No developer needed
  • PH neutral & Ammonia free
  • Vegan friendly
  • With Pro Vitamin B5 & Solamer

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Product Profile: Keune Style Brushes

Keune has a fantastic range of Styling brushes to suit every situation or hair need. We stock a range of styling brushes in our salon.

Keune has a strong focus on professional styling and care. All of their products are made with the highest attention to detail and utilising quality products. Keune products are only available to consumers from professional hairdressers.



Keune Style Round Ceramic Brush 43mm:

This round brush combines a ceramic barrel and nylon bristles to provide big volume, bounce and curls. The ceramic barrel allows for an even heat distribution. The soft touch handle is lightweight and has a snag free handle design which makes use of this brush super comfortable it also has a hideaway sectioning pin. This is excellent for fine-medium  hair.


Keune Style Round Ceramic Brush 33mm:

This round brush combines a ceramic barrel and nylon bristles to provide you with big volume, bounce and curls. Like the larger sized brush above, it also offers a soft touch handle which is lightweight and designed to be snag free. The ceramic barrel offers a more even distribution of heat to create that perfect curl. It also has a hideaway sectioning pin. This is excellent for fine-medium hair.


Keune Style Round Bristle Brush 43mm:

This round brush combines boar bristle and pin bristles to provide volume and allow stretching and smoothing of course and unruly hair types. It has a wooden handle with soft touch finishes which makes it comfortable to use and provides calibrated weight balance. This is ideal for brush set blow-drys.


Keune Style Round Bristle Brush 33mm:

This round bristle brush also combines boar bristle and pin bristles to provide volume and allow stretching and smoothing of course and unruly hair types. It also comes with a wooden handle with soft touch features making it comfortable for prolonged use and to provide a calibrated weight balance. This is ideal for brush set blow-drys.


Other Brushes:

Keune also offers a  couple of other great brushes such as:

  • The Detangler – This is a great brush which is ideal for detangling children’s hair or fine hair.
  • The Paddle Brush – This is the perfect tool to create those pin-straight locks. Use the paddle brush to prep the hair and follow with the a flat iron.


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Goodbye Design

Grab yourself a fantastic bargain today. In conjunction with the launch of Keune’s new Style range and the re-invention and overhaul of their established Design range we must clear the shelves to make room for our new stock. All of your old trusted Design favorites are on sale but stocks are limited so you’d better hurry before you miss out.

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Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

Last week, Keune launched their new STYLE range of products; a versatile collection of styling staples that will allow us to create the luxury of a good hair day! Let us introduce you to the new, the improved Style range.

New innovations and technologies, with brand new products have been added to our salon shelves, let look a little closer:



Humidity Shield:

We’ve all been there, slaved over a special look only to lose its height, sheen or bounce to the increment elements of nature. Give frizz its marching orders by protecting your hair style for up to 24 hours. Humidity Shield: Activate!

Hot Iron Spray:

You know what they say, there is nothing sexy about a burn! Get extra heat protection with all new Hot Iron Spray, plus bonus natural shine to styled hair. Ensuring up to 92% less breakage after any thermal treatment; this will be your go to protective shield for all your styling tools.

Dry Texturiser:

You’ve loved the matte, powdery finish of Dry Shampoo. You’ve also loved the texture and definition of Press Wax. You’ve wished there was a combination of the two, something just right ….. Enter Dry Texturizer.


With a tweak here and a tweak there, Keune have listened to your feedback. they have taken their Design classics and with a few new adjustments here and there give you a new Style re-imagined treatment product.

Blowout Gelee:

Remember Sculpting Lotion, well don’t fret, it has gone no where! Say hello to the new and improved Blowout Gelee; Heat protection lotion with flexible, medium hold which leaves hair more manageable, bodacious and radiant. Also offering heat protection up to 230 degrees.

Thickening Cream:

Looking for bodacious volume? Look no further than our improved Thickening Cream. With updated heat-activated thickening, hair will feel thicker and lush whether styled or left to dry naturally. Plus it offers heat protection up to 230 degrees.

Volume Powder:

Create sexy texture, buildable grip and big volume with matte Volume Powder. The lightweight powder leaves hair free and flowing, now with an improved formulation and updated delivery system for even distribution.


Keune believes that if its not broke, don’t fix it! Same great product, with a new fab outfit! Find all of your trusted  favorites just the way you like it.

Spray Wax:

Don’t Fret! Say Hello to new Press Wax, utilising the same amazing formula, giving the same amazing results; but just with a new fresh name! Create airy, buildable texture with lasting hold. Our ultra-fine Spray Wax adds style, shine and definition to any hair style, with a non-oily finish.

Brush Out Laquer:

Keune’s Ride or Die has not strayed away! Brush Out Laquer is still here, just in Stylish new packaging. Same amazing formula still in two handy sizes 400gm and 75gm.

and lastly..

Power Paste:

Keune’s Power Paste is definitely here to stay! Reliable and loyal is what comes to mind when thinking of Power Paste! This styling paste with super strong hold sets quickly, keeping it in place all day for that super matte texture.





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The Love Is In The Hair

Product Spotlight:

Did you know that Keune is vegan and cruelty free? Here at Rock Paper Scissors we are proud to use and stock a wide range of Keune products. Keune products are either plant derived or synthetic. As a company they pride themselves in upholding good ethical and moral standards, as well as ensuring that there products are high-quality and safe. Keune also ensures that none of its products are tested on animals. 

Developed in one of the most advanced laboratories in Europe, Keune utilises only high quality and innovative ingredients.  Many Keune products contain argan oil. Argan oil is full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, Vitamin E, A and other good things. It is an extremely nourishing oil, yet it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly. What you won’t find in Keune products is sulfates and parabens, instead you will find things like jasmine and sandalwood.

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Goodbye Design, Hello Style!

Styling products should be easy (and fun!) to use, luxurious yet affordable. So with this in mind Keune is saying goodbye to Design and hello to Style. Style is a versatile collection of hair styling staples that will allow you to create modern, perfectly-imperfect hair. Lovingly invented to texturize, tame, smooth, set and more, Keune has created this Style range to help you to realise your every hair goal. Be sure to check out our new Style products next time you pop into the salon.

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